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Tired of ineffective template websites? Our agency redefines the standard by offering visually stunning, top-performing theme-based websites that elevate your brand. Say goodbye to generic designs and low conversions – our expertly crafted websites are both cost-effective and impressive, providing a superior alternative to traditional custom designs.

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Fab, Nick, much appreciated, and thank you. The website is receiving a lot of visitors.
Thanks for getting back to me. The changes look great. Kind regards John
Excellent SEO service from Nick. Communication is fantastic with great updates on how my website is doing. Thanks, Nick
Great SEO service and advice to get our website ranked higher. Thanks, Nick

Welcome to Our Leads Generation Services

Revolutionize Your Website with Cost-Effective, High-Performing Theme-Based Designs Unhappy with generic and cumbersome out-of-the-box websites? Experience a paradigm shift with our theme-based website development services. Unlike traditional designs, our websites not only look sleek but also deliver exceptional performance at a fraction of the cost.

Why Choose Our Theme-Based Websites?

Most off-the-shelf websites lack uniqueness and struggle to achieve conversion and ranking goals. Recognizing the common features driving success in custom websites, we distilled them into our custom Nick Walsh Studios theme-based designs. Enjoy significant cost savings and rapid development without compromising on the aesthetics and functionality of your website.

Our Streamlined Theme-Based Website Development Process:

1. Initial Consultation

Begin with a comprehensive consultation led by your dedicated Project Manager. We delve into crucial aspects like branding, colors, tone of voice, and calls to action to create a detailed website specification. Armed with this information, your Project Manager initiates the project with a clear understanding of your goals.

2. Research, Design, and Copy Creation

Conduct thorough keyword research to identify key terms for optimal ranking. Our expert copywriters then craft conversion-optimized content, aligning with your brand’s voice and persuading prospects effectively. Simultaneously, your Project Manager collaborates with you to select a high-converting design tailored to your site.

3. Website Build

Once content approval is secured, we proceed to build your website based on the agreed design. Our commitment to excellence ensures that you are delighted with the final product. Any adjustments needed will be addressed promptly. We also finalize SEO tasks and apply finishing touches before launching your site.

4. Ongoing Support

We understand that the best websites are those that stay updated. Upon site launch, you receive full access to the build and training videos, empowering you to manage updates confidently. With a six-week warranty, you’re supported as you familiarize yourself with site management.

Transform your online presence with our theme-based websites, combining affordability, aesthetics, and performance seamlessly.

A Recognized and Effortless Website Design Firm in Cardff, the UK, and Globally.

Technical Excellence

For a reliable website design agency committed to delivering an impressive website, your search ends here.

Our team is dedicated to your business’s success. We prioritize building trust-based relationships with our clients and are genuinely invested in creating a website that resonates with you.

Comprising Designers, Full-Stack Developers, SEO Specialists, and QA Experts, our highly skilled web design team is led by a group of exceptionally experienced Project Managers.

Interested in a Quote for Your Upcoming Website?

Simply click the button below to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our team members. During this session, we’ll delve into your website requirements, business objectives, and target audience.

Following our discussion, we’ll provide you with an estimated price. Subsequently, we can formulate a comprehensive plan, offering a more precise price along with a detailed breakdown.

Why Choose Nick Walsh Studios as Your Web Design Partner?

We’re a professional web design agency based in Cardiff, having crafted and launched numerous websites for various businesses. Our extensive experience extends beyond design, as we analyze thousands of websites annually through our consultancy and marketing services. Each website we create is meticulously developed by our team of Designers, Developers, Copywriters, Editors, and Project Managers, drawing on our collective knowledge of what constitutes an effective website.

  1. Crafted for Perfection: Our commitment to excellence is unwavering. We tirelessly strive to ensure your website aligns precisely with your vision, from branding and design to the content on each page.
  2. No Strings Attached: With Nick Walsh Studios, there are no restrictive commitments. You’ll enjoy complete access to your website, giving you the autonomy to manage it as you see fit.
  3. Websites Engineered to Convert: A website’s efficacy lies in its ability to convert, akin to a salesperson making sales. We firmly believe that your website should be a hardworking and profitable marketing asset.

Our custom website designs not only boast visual appeal but are also optimized for conversions. We prioritize conversion from the outset of the design process, ensuring your website is designed to maximize sales and profitability.

Key Features of Our Custom Website Design:

  1. Clear calls to action on every page for enhanced visitor conversion.
  2. “Click to call” numbers to optimize phone conversions for mobile users.
  3. Streamlined navigation and drop-down menus for a straightforward visitor journey.
  4. “Above the fold” optimization to reduce bounce rates and provide key information quickly.

Empowering You with Control

We understand that time is precious, and waiting for a Developer’s assistance for every website change is impractical. Therefore, we provide you with full access to your website upon launch, built on user-friendly platforms like WordPress.

No Nasty Lock-Ins — Our Approach:

  1. WordPress is our preferred platform for its user-friendliness and scalability.
  2. Tutorials integrated into the admin area, offering short explainer videos on website management.
  3. Need assistance? Opt for our website maintenance and hosting packages.

Websites Designed to Climb Search Engine Ranks

SEO is ingrained in our DNA. Since 2014, we’ve been driving businesses with organic traffic, and every Nick Walsh Studios custom-designed website is intricately woven with SEO at its core.

How We Optimize Your Website:

  1. Optimized page titles and meta descriptions for all pages.
  2. Search engine-optimized copy for every page.
  3. Creation and submission of your sitemap.
  4. Submission to the Google Search Console.
  5. Installation of Google Analytics to identify growth opportunities.
  6. Careful structuring of your URLs, pages, and overall website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Complete your 10-page website within four weeks from the handover call (four weeks for lead generation sites and eight weeks for eCommerce sites).The timeline for your website’s completion is contingent on its size and required functionality. To streamline the process, we request that you furnish us with images, information, copy suggestions, and testimonials upfront. This proactive approach allows our team to work with maximum efficiency. As staunch advocates against delays, we aim to initiate the project with all elements meticulously organized.

Absolutely, without a doubt. Your website is uniquely crafted to align with your preferences, and we tailor it precisely to your specifications. Our team of creative Designers are adept at infusing their inventive insights to assist in achieving your ideal website design.

A standard 10-page website costs as little as £2,497 .

Extra pages are £100 per page. 

The cost of the website build will be determined based on the extent of work needed. This price, along with the specifications, will be mutually agreed upon in advance before commencing the build, ensuring transparency and eliminating any concealed fees.

For your convenience, you have the option to spread the cost over five months, facilitating the process of launching your website without a substantial upfront expense.

Our tailor-made websites are uniquely designed to suit your needs. For those seeking a more budget-friendly alternative, we also provide smaller template websites constructed on our own high-converting template.

Initiate a complimentary consultation today and explore how we can assist you in boosting visitor conversions with a cutting-edge Nick Walsh Studios website.

Ready to transform your online presence? Contact Nick Walsh Studios today, and let’s craft a stunning SEO campaign that outranks your competitors on Google SERPS.! Don’t miss out on the chance to drive growth. Reach out now for a consultation – your digital success awaits!

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