Dependable Support for Your WordPress Website

If you’ve encountered unsettling tales of plugin updates gone wrong or consistently face issues with your website, opting for our continuous support package provides the ideal solution for peace of mind.

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Fab, Nick, much appreciated, and thank you. The website is receiving a lot of visitors.
Thanks for getting back to me. The changes look great. Kind regards John
Excellent SEO service from Nick. Communication is fantastic with great updates on how my website is doing. Thanks, Nick
Great SEO service and advice to get our website ranked higher. Thanks, Nick

The Process of Website Support

Select from our four packages, each providing varying levels of support. Whether you aim to maintain a basic website with regular backups for potential restoration or manage a extensive site with numerous plugins, addressing concerns about conflicts, our committed Project Manager and Developer stand ready to assist you with ongoing enhancements and modifications whenever you need support for your website.

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Your Exclusive Web Design Squad Comprising Designers, Developers, and Project Managers

Through our WordPress website support plans, the Nick Walsh Studios Development team functions as your ultimate website emergency service. Our team comprises specialists from diverse disciplines, and our remote work approach allows us to recruit the most qualified individuals regardless of location. We prioritize expertise over proximity, ensuring we can select the best-suited professionals for the task, without constraints based on geographical proximity.

Our web design unit consists of Designers, Full-Stack Developers, SEO Specialists, and QA Experts, all led by our highly experienced team of Project Managers.

What’s Included in Nick Walsh Studios Support?

We provide a variety of packages tailored to meet the diverse support needs of businesses. 

These offerings encompass, but are not restricted to, the following:

  • Automated daily backups
  • On-demand manual backups
  • Restoration service in the event of partial or complete site loss
  • Prevention of hacking and ongoing security maintenance
  • Updates for WordPress core
  • Plugin updates
  • Assured response time within zero to four hours during UK business hours.

How Much Does It Cost?

Starting from just £125 per month, contact us today to explore how we can provide support for you and your business.

Why Opt for Nick Walsh Studios as Your Website Support Agency?

As a seasoned website design agency located in Cardiff, we boast a rich portfolio of designing hundreds of websites, earning us recognition as one of the top-reviewed agencies in the UK. Every website crafted by our team, comprised of Designers, Developers, Copywriters, Editors, and Project Managers, undergoes meticulous attention.

Leveraging this wealth of expertise, we extend continuous website support to both new and existing clients, ensuring optimal performance for your website.

Initiate a free consultation today to explore how we can deliver ongoing support for your business.

Uncertain about Your Needs?

While website support is just one facet of our services, we’re here to offer more. If you’d like us to propose a growth plan for your business in the upcoming six to 12 months, simply request a complimentary website and digital marketing review by clicking the button below.

Our proficient Digital Marketing Consultants will assess your website and digital marketing efforts, outline your prime growth opportunities, and provide a 15-minute video guiding you on how to achieve your growth objectives.

This service is not only entirely free but also truly remarkable.

Ready to transform your online presence? Contact Nick Walsh Studios today, and let’s craft a stunning SEO campaign that outranks your competitors on Google SERPS.! Don’t miss out on the chance to drive growth. Reach out now for a consultation – your digital success awaits!

Awards and Partners