A Cardiff website design project should increase your sales, get you more leads and help you outrank your Cardiff competitors. We will help your website to attract and engage the user, as well as increase your online presence.

When it comes to web design, Cardiff businesses like any other need to create a digital storefront for their products or services that not only encourages engagement but gets people to convert to customers. It’s not just as simple as having a nice design and throwing some text at the page, however.

If you want your website to hit the mark and draw in the right people in the right numbers, you need to choose the right design partner.

At Nick Walsh Studios, we’ve helped many small and medium-sized businesses with their web design across South Wales. The key to our success is understanding their unique needs and developing a site that is not only fit for purpose but drives traffic and potential customers to their business in large enough numbers.


If you’re a Cardiff business or organisation, working with a local web design team is critical. Whether you’re catering to a regional audience or spreading the net much wider to a national or international customer base, having someone on your side you can get to know and trust gives you a distinct advantage over your competitors.

  • For a start, there are fewer time zone and communication issues with a local partner, and your design team is just a short trip away if you need to meet them face to face.
  • Your Cardiff web design team also understands the local economy and what specific needs your business might have. They can handle that but also help you reach further afield, even to a global audience.
  • There’s more accountability when you choose a marketing agency in Cardiff and, what’s more, they are less likely to disappear – that’s not always true when you opt for a remote agency you’ve never met in person.
  • Our Cardiff web design team get to know you and your business in much more detail so we can best deliver the service that you are looking for. It’s a tailored approach and something that the team at Nick Walsh Studios is proud of.

So, what does our website design team offer Cardiff businesses? Let’s take a closer look.


Your Cardiff business can suffer if you have a substandard design. It may, for example, load okay on a desktop but look difficult to read or navigate when viewed on a mobile phone. Poor font choices or a logo that seems out of place within the design can seem unprofessional to anyone visiting.

There’s a lot of coding that goes into a great website design and it’s important to get this right for several reasons, not least because it sets your brand apart from the competition.

At the end of the day, your Cardiff web design needs to look professional – if it does, then that creates not only interest but gives visitors confidence that you are a reliable, reputable and secure place to visit. It’s even more important if you’re selling goods online and are hoping to take payments.

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One promise that our team makes is that your site will look fantastic and will reflect your brand perfectly. It will also have all the high-tech functionality suitable for modern web design. Cardiff businesses can then be certain they have the exceptional building blocks for creating a powerful online presence and an enterprise that continues to grow and thrive.


Most people think that SEO is simply throwing in the right keywords to attract people who are searching on Google. That’s a part of it, but your Cardiff web design is a lot more nuanced than that.

Search engine algorithms have developed a lot over the last decade and they’re now more AI-based than they’ve ever been. If the aim is to attract more relevant visitors (those that are going to convert more readily into customers or clients), you need to have:

  • Fast download speeds.
  • Optimised images.
  • Good navigation.
  • Excellent content.
  • People linking to your site.
  • Engagement with social media.
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And that’s just the start. At Nick Walsh Studios, we pride ourselves in creating the kind of web design Cardiff businesses need and that means covering all the bases when it comes to SEO. Each business is different, not only in the products and services they sell, but the visitors they are hoping to attract.

When you go live, you can be confident that the site theme and all the various elements including your content are perfectly tuned and ready to start attracting the right customers.


There are a lot of Cardiff website design companies out there and it can be difficult to choose the best partner for your business. You may have an established company and are looking for a refresh or completely new design or you might be a start-up looking for your first company or product website.

When you meet the team at Nick Walsh Studios, the first thing you’ll realise is that we know our stuff.

We’re highly qualified and customer-focused which means we’ll listen to you rather than dictate what you need. Our expertise ranges from building simple service websites for sole traders and companies such as solicitors, gym owners and bars to more complicated e-commerce sites selling multiple, even 100s of products.

Because we’re a local web design team, Cardiff businesses can also be sure that we have that regional knowledge and understanding in addition to our wide-ranging expertise and skill.



If you’re a Cardiff business owner, you probably have a lot on your mind. With Covid and the lockdown, many smaller and medium-sized enterprises have struggled during the pandemic. Now that we’re opening up again, thankfully we’re beginning to see the signs of recovery and new start-ups are again being created across South Wales.

Our aim at Nick Walsh Studios is to take care of the heavy lifting when it comes to either revamping your site or creating a completely new one. We’ve worked with a variety of different sectors and take great pride in the personal web design service that we provide.

Another key to our success, and a big reason why local customers choose us, is that we offer complete peace of mind. You can be sure that all the boxes have been ticked when it comes to design, SEO and important attributes such as online security. There won’t be any hidden issues deep in the coding that may affect how you attract new customers.

And we don’t just disappear after the site is finished either – if you need updates or have issues, we’re here to help.


  • One of the key changes in website design over the last decade is the increased functionality. You can now add a host of different plugins and software solutions to your Cardiff website design. The big issue for site owners is which ones are going to work for their business.

  • We have a lot of expertise in creating vibrant, user-friendly WordPress sites for customers and we can help put in the most effective plugins, of which there are literally thousands to choose from.

  • That includes state-of-the-art metrics so you can see how your site is performing, shopping carts and checkouts, ecommerce solutions, data gathering tools and a myriad of other pieces of software that add functionality to your business and enhance its performance.

  • Let’s face it, there’s no point in having a whole bunch of plugins that don’t work for your business, don’t make things easier or fail to improve your online presence. That’s where our team comes in.

  • We listen to your needs, find the right solution and explain it to you in plain English. We also offer training so that you can learn to use the available tools without breaking into a sweat.


One of the key challenges for anyone who spends time online is security. If you sell products, for example, you’ll want to ensure that you have a highly secure ecommerce solution for your Cardiff web design. There’s nothing that can damage a business online more than poor security – it creates a bad impression and makes people wary of buying from you in the future. With social media nowadays, people are quick to tell their friends and followers if your site is even a slight risk.

Even if you don’t sell products or have a checkout, you need to ensure that your site is properly encrypted and that visitors and your business are kept safe. That’s particularly relevant if you are collecting details from customers to create a mailing list.

Search engines like Google are also giving highly secure sites more preference over non-secure ones in their rankings so it has an impact on SEO as well.

At Nick Walsh Studios, we ensure you are completely secure and that your visitors are fully protected whenever they visit your site.



  • One of the things that often confuse website owners is the speeds their pages download. They see that the site appears quickly on their own mobile, tablet or desktop. That’s because they visit it often and it’s tailored on their devices to appear in an instant. In real life, however, pages often download slowly for new visitors.
  • This can happen for a variety of reasons – the underlying code, the size and quality of images and even which hosting service is being used.
  • Download speed is critical because it’s been proven that it will affect whether people stay on your site and engage or not. In short, the quicker pages appear, the more customers you’re likely to convert and not frustrate.
  • At Nick Walsh Studios in Cardiff, one of our main aims is to ensure that all elements of your website design are fully optimised. That way you maintain the user experience and keep them happy whichever page they are trying to view.
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One of the areas where we’ve helped a lot of Cardiff entrepreneurs is in setting up high-quality ecommerce websites. Selling online has never been easier and there are a lot of options such as Shopify and WooCommerce out there at the moment.

Creating a storefront online becomes more complicated with the greater number of products you have to sell. Whether you have your own merchandise to sell or you’re hoping to set up a dropshipping business, getting it right the first time is critical.

The look and feel of the site, its branding and the types of images you use are all factors, of course. But so is usability – how the visitor navigates your site and finds what they are looking for is one of the main examples.

We’ve been involved in designing major ecommerce sites selling multiple products including Twillory, one of our recent successes. That’s why Nick Walsh Studios should be your first point of contact when you’re looking to set up or need to have your existing site redesigned.

E-commerce sites are popping up all over the place and people are not just sticking to tried and tested brands but exploring new ones as well. It’s a competitive industry which is why it’s vital to have a site that impresses customers and encourages them to buy. That’s where our Cardiff web design team can help – building a very secure site that reflects your brand and wows your customers.

Check out our website design inspiration page to see exactly what our team can achieve.


As we’ve said, picking the right partner is very important when it comes to Cardiff web design. At Nick Walsh Studios, we’ve spent a lot of time building a team that is highly customer focused and experienced at developing a wide range of sites for different businesses and sectors.

The great news is that we offer a free initial consultation so you can start to get to know us, discuss your website development ideas and find out how we can help transform your business online.

Book a call today.

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Our Cardiff Web Design process involves putting the keywords you want to rank for on a particular page, in that page title tag.
web design cardiff, Web Design Cardiff

Anchor text of inbound links are added to your website pages to boost your rankings, here’s an inbound link to our eCommerce London website.

Next, keywords and related keywords would be put on the Cardiff web designed page, especially at the top of the page in the main content area.

Putting keywords in the URL’s is a very important ranking factor, which is a must if you want to rank page one for your keywords.

web design cardiff, Web Design Cardiff
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Then we would put internal links from one page to a different page on your website, links from your home page to your most important pages are vital.

Then we would put internal links from one page to a different page on your website, links from your home page to your most important pages are vital.

E-Commerce with Shopify

We offer Cardiff Website Design for a Shopify ecommerce store. It can be tough if you try to build it yourself, you will often spend countless hours learning, making mistakes and ending up with a poorly converting store.

Let us create for you a Shpoify e-commerce store that looks great and converts your visitors into buying customers. E-commerce is booming so the sooner you start your store the quicker your profits will roll in.

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Logo Design

Your business logo is the face of your company and can often determine whether you create an good or bad first impression.

We’ll work closely with you to supply a fresh, creative logo that represents your business perfectly and really sets you apart from your competition.

Testimonials From SEO & WordPress Design Clients

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Your Cardiff website audit will improve your online visibility, and will increase your web conversions (most SEO agencies overlook!).

We aim to get the video back to you within 1 business day.

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