Our Web design in Cardiff service is the process of designing websites. It involves a number of different skills, such as graphic design, user experience design, and information architecture, check out our awesome 5 star Google reviews, 100+!

Web designers create the layout of a website and make sure that it is easy to use. They also make sure that the website looks good on any device, whether it be a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Web designers work with HTML and CSS to create web pages with text and graphics. They also work with JavaScript and other programming languages to create interactive elements for websites.

Your website is the first impression of your business. It’s the face of your company and it’s what people see when they visit your website.

With the right design, you can make a strong first impression that resonates with your audience. The website is the first thing people see when they visit a company or brand. It sets the tone for what is to come and it provides an opportunity to connect with customers on a deeper level. Designing a website takes time and effort, but it pays off in the long run as you build trust with customers.

We’re here to help you succeed

We’re here to help you succeed with our web design Cardiff service. We’ll work with you to create a site that will make your business stand out from the crowd, and we’ll do it in a way that will make it easy for people to find what they’re looking for. We are a team of creative, experienced, and professional web designers and developers. We have the expertise to create a website that will help your business succeed.

Our team has over 100 years of combined experience in digital design and development. We have worked on projects with some of the UK’s top websites Friends of Herne Hill Velodrome, I.G.Y Foundation, Miss Patisserie and more.

We are experts in creating websites that look great on all devices and we can also help you with online marketing strategies to ensure your success online,see our 5 star Google reviews from 100+ clients. 


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Web Design Cardiff

website Design CARDIFF & development

Check out our 5 star Google reviews for website development in various industries. WordPress beautiful design , Shopify stores and more.

Marketing Your Website

WordPress and Shopify apps available to push your content to your target market to ensure you get prospects and buyers to your website.


Google My Business is very important for the success of your website and we set up the GMB for you.

How to Choose the Best Web Designer for Your Business Needs?

The key to a successful website is the web designer. Here are some tips for choosing the best web designer for your needs.

1) Budget: The first thing you need to do is set your budget. You should know how much you want to spend on the website design and development.

2) Design: You should decide what kind of design you want for your website, whether it’s a static site or a dynamic one. Static sites are easier and cheaper to maintain, but they don’t have as many features as dynamic sites do. A dynamic site will cost more in terms of maintenance but it will have more features and be able to grow with your business needs over time.

3) Expertise: You should ask yourself what kind of experience you’re looking for in a web designer – someone who has a decent portfolio.

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We are a web design agency in Cardiff, Wales. 3 Quick design steps.

We create websites that are beautiful, functional and easy to use. Web design is the process of developing a website for the internet or an intranet by the conversion of raw text and images into a format that can be displayed on a computer screen or mobile device. 

The first step is usually to develop the website’s content, including its look and feel, layout, style sheets (CSS) and any written content such as articles or blog posts. 

The next stage would be to add graphics or other visual elements like logos and photos onto the website page with HTML code (this includes adding JavaScript).

The last step would be to implement features via plug-ins or add-ons so that the website is functional.

There are many techniques used to design a website:The techniques used will depend on the individual designer and what they are trying achieve with their site, but often start with brainstorming and may involve sketching.

It may also involve research such as looking at other websites and seeing what they do well. It may also involve using wireframing. An example of wireframing is shown opposite.

In this example, we have a vertical layout with three columns in the middle of the wireframe.

The content could include text about a person, links to their social media profiles, an email form for contact purposes and a list of blog posts.

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Ecommerce Shopify Store

We offer website development services in Cardiff, Wales. 

Our team of web developers and designers will work with you to create the perfect website for your needs. 

We are committed to providing a high quality service that is tailored to your needs at competitive prices.We also offer website marketing services.

Whether you need to increase awareness of your company, website or online venture, we can help. Our experienced team will work with you to build a strategy that is tailored to your needs at competitive prices, dont forget to check out 115+ Google reviews all 5 star!


We specialize in WordPress website design and development for small to medium sized businesses. 

We create websites that are beautiful, functional and user-friendly. With over a decade of experience in the industry, we can help you build your online presence with a professionally designed website. WordPress development done right.

We’re a team of WordPress developers in our web design Cardiff studio, who are passionate about what we do. We’re not just developers, we’re designers, strategists, and marketers. We’re here to help you build a website that’s beautiful and functional.

We’ve got your back

We’ll take care of everything from design to development to marketing. You’ll have a website that looks great and is easy to manage.

You can trust us

We’ve been in the business for over 10 years and have helped over 500 clients with their WordPress needs. We know what we’re doing and will make sure your site is up-to-date with the latest security patches.

You’ll love our work

We offer a free consultation so you can see how we work before you hire us. You’ll be able to see our portfolio of past projects and get an idea of what it’s like to work with us before you commit.


The Importance of Professional Web Design for Your Business Success

The internet is the most important place for any business today. It is the most important tool to reach customers, promote products and services, and create a brand identity. 

However, it can be difficult to stand out from the competition if your website does not have an attractive design, our PROVEN skills are evidenced by 100+ 5 STAR GOOGLE REVIEWS.

A professional web design Cardiff studio will make your website more appealing to your potential customers. Professional web designers are trained in all aspects of graphic design and they know how to produce a website that looks good on all devices. 

They will also provide you with ongoing support so that your website is always up-to-date with new trends in web design and technology.

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The Complete Guide to Securing Your Website and Protecting Your Visitors

How to Secure Your Website with SSL Certificates

A secure website is a website that uses an SSL certificate. These certificates are used to encrypt data, which means that it is protected from any kind of tampering.

There are many reasons why you would want to have an SSL certificate for your website. For one, it will make your site more trustworthy in the eyes of your customers and visitors. It will also help you attract new customers because they know their information is protected when they use your site.

In this article, we will talk about what an SSL certificate is and how it works, as well as how to get one for your own site. We’ll also talk about the different types of certificates that are available and what they mean for you and your business.

How to Keep Visitors Safe on Your Website with HTTPS

In this article, we’ll cover the basics of HTTPS and how to keep your visitors safe when browsing your website.

The internet is a dangerous place. There are many hackers out there waiting for any opportunity to steal your data or even worse, make you pay for it. HTTPS is one of the best ways to protect users from such threats by encrypting their communications with a website’s server.

How to Protect Yourself from Hackers and Malware with a Firewall

A firewall is a software that protects your computer system against unauthorized access from the Internet.

There are three types of firewall software available in the market: hardware, software and network. Hardware firewalls are installed in devices such as routers, switches and servers. Software firewalls are installed on a computer or laptop and protect it against malware or virus attacks. Network firewalls protect an entire network of computers from unauthorized access.

A firewall can be configured to work on either incoming or outgoing traffic and can be configured to filter traffic based on certain criteria such as IP address, protocol type or port number.

An important thing to remember is that you should install a firewall in your system before you connect to the internet for the first time because it will not be possible after that point due to security reasons

Conclusion: How You Can Keep Yourself Safe Online by Securing Your Website

The conclusion is that there are many ways to protect your website from malicious attacks. These include installing an SSL certificate, using a firewall, and installing a malware scanner.

The Complete Guide to Elementor Website Design and How It Can Help You Build a Better Website


elementore website add ons

Introduction: What is Elementor?

Elementor is a drag and drop website builder that allows you to design your website without having any coding skills. With Elementor, you can create a stunning, professional looking website in record fast time. All the templates are fully responsive and mobile-friendly so that they look great on all devices.

Create attractive, modern websites and leave all the work to us your website developers.With Elementor, we can create a stunning, professional looking website with content you supply or we can write the content for you. All the templates are fully responsive and mobile-friendly so that they look great on all devices. You can supply us with your images or we can use free images from pixabay and unsplash.

What are the Best Plugins for Elementor?

With these plugins for Elementor you can add more features to your site. Pricing: Plugins are free to use but some of them may have a premium version with additional features. Installation: You can install plugins from the official Elementor directory. 

Best plugins for Elementor:-Wrap Bootstrap 4 (Premium): This plugin allows you to use Bootstrap 4 with your website. It also includes a few custom widgets and layouts.

The premium version has additional features such as full responsiveness and better code quality. Other plugins Ultimate Add-Ons for Elementor. Other plugins:Elementor Header & Footer Blocks, Starter Templates, Elementor Pro, Crocoblock, JetPlugins Elementor Extension, PowerPack, Envato Elements and Master Addons.

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 The Complete Guide to WordPress FAQ Plugins and How They Can Help You Build Out Your Website’s FAQ Sections


Introduction: What is a WordPress FAQ Plugin and Why Should You Use One?

WordPress FAQs are a great way to provide answers to common questions and help people understand how your product or service works.

An FAQ plugin is a WordPress plugin that helps you create, manage, and display your WordPress-based FAQs. It’s an incredibly convenient tool for providing valuable information about your products or services in a quick and easy manner.

FAQ plugins have been around for quite some time now, but they’ve only recently gained more popularity as more people have started using them for various purposes.

How to Choose the Best WordPress FAQ Plugin for Your Needs

Choosing a plugin for your WordPress website can be a daunting task. There are so many to choose from and each one has its own set of pros and cons.

In this article, we will look at the top plugins for WordPress that you should consider when building your website or blog.

The Best WordPress FAQ Plugins in the Market

The first plugin on our list is called  Ultimate FAQ. This is a free and lightweight plugin that allows you to create an unlimited number of questions and answers. It also supports internationalization and multilingualism.



  • Create unlimited FAQs

  • Create unlimited FAQ tags and FAQ categories

  • FAQ block (Gutenberg)

  • FAQ shortcode

  • Responsive accordion layout that will fit any site and any device

  • Ordering and sorting options for your FAQ page

  • Group FAQ options

  • Translation ready (all strings localized and .pot file included)

  • Bulk import FAQs from a spreadsheet

  • Insert custom CSS to style your FAQ layout

The second plugin on our list is called WP-FaqPlus. This is a premium plugin that offers advanced features like conditional logic, custom fields, import/export functionality, and more.

Heroic FAQs, Ultimate Blocks, Ultimate FAQ and WP responsive FAQ with category are other plugins.

Conclusion: Start Using a WordPress FAQ Plugin Today to Supercharge Your Website’s User Experience

The Complete Guide to WordPress Booking Plugins and How They Can Help You Get More Appointments and Events


amelia booking plugin

Introduction: What is a WordPress Booking Plugin?

Booking plugins are used to make it easy for customers to book appointments with you. The plugin is usually a website or a mobile app that allows users to book appointments in a convenient manner.

Some of the benefits of using booking plugins are:

– They save you time and help you focus on other important aspects of your business.

– They increase the number of appointments booked.

– They provide an opportunity for customers to review your services and schedule an appointment before they visit your site or even call you.

booking plugin forms

How to Choose the Best WordPress Booking Plugin for Your Business

Choosing the right booking plugin for your WordPress site is important as it will determine how your customers book appointments and events on your website.

There are many plugins in the market, but not all of them are good enough to handle everything you need. So, before you start looking for one to use, take a look at one of the best WordPress booking plugins.

How to Install a WordPress Booking Plugin on Your Website

Installing a booking plugin can be as simple as installing any other WordPress plugin. There are many plugins to choose from, but I will show you how to install Amelia for WordPress, which is one of the most popular plugins for booking.

To install this plugin, first log in to your WordPress dashboard and find the “Plugins” section on the left-hand side of your screen. Click “Add New” and search for “Amelia”. Install it and then click “Activate”.

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How To Use Amelia WordPress Booking Plugin To Get More Appointments And Events

A WordPress booking plugin is a great way to make your website more efficient. It not only helps you get more appointments and events, but it also saves you time.

We all know that it can be difficult to find a good event or appointment booking plugin for WordPress, so I’ve done the research for you.

Try out the demos for your niche here.


The Best WordPress Themes: Beautiful, Mobile Ready & Responsive

Introduction: What is a WordPress Theme?

A WordPress theme is a design template that you can use to customize the look and feel of your website. They are usually packaged with an easy-to-use page builder tool, so that you can create custom pages, headers, navigation menus and more.

What are the Best WordPress Themes?

The best free wordpress themes are usually the ones that are responsive and mobile-ready. This means they can adapt to different screen sizes, meaning they will look good on your desktop computer, your tablet, or even your phone.

If you’re looking for a wordpress theme that is easy to customize and has a great design, then you should definitely download one of these!

 Create and Grow a Website, Fast with Neve. A stylish one-page theme perfect for any type of business is Hestia PRO. Magazine & News Style WordPress Theme is  Colour Mag..

neve wordpress free theme
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Our Cardiff Web Design process involves putting the keywords you want to rank for on a particular page, in that page title tag.
web design cardiff, Web Design Cardiff

Anchor text of inbound links are added to your website pages to boost your rankings, here’s an inbound link to our eCommerce London website.

Next, keywords and related keywords would be put on the Cardiff web designed page, especially at the top of the page in the main content area.

Putting keywords in the URL’s is a very important ranking factor, which is a must if you want to rank page one for your keywords.

web design cardiff, Web Design Cardiff


We offer Cardiff Website Design for a Shopify ecommerce store. It can be tough if you try to build it yourself, you will often spend countless hours learning, making mistakes and ending up with a poorly converting store.

Let us create for you a Shpoify e-commerce store that looks great and converts your visitors into buying customers. E-commerce is booming so the sooner you start your store the quicker your profits will roll in.

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Your business logo is the face of your company and can often determine whether you create an good or bad first impression.

We’ll work closely with you to supply a fresh, creative logo that represents your business perfectly and really sets you apart from your competition.

Design: The Complete Guide to Web Design in Cardiff

Why you should use an online web design agency?

Online web design agencies usually offer a variety of services at an affordable price. They can design, build and host your website.

Websites are no longer just a way of presenting information, they are the face of a business to the world. Having an effective website is vital for any business looking to make an impact and stay ahead of their competitors.

They can also help make SEO optimization tweaks to your site to increase the likelihood of it ranking on the first page of Google search results.

Design Process And Styles To Choose From

The design process is the process of finding ideas and making decisions about the look and feel of a website. The design style is the way in which these ideas are presented.

The design process can be broken down into six steps:

1) research,

2) strategy,

3) wireframing,

4) prototyping,

5) testing and refining,

6) deployment.

The design style should be chosen based on the audience’s needs and how they will use your website. The most common styles are: minimalistic, modernistic, traditionalist, industrial.

Web Design Tools For Successful Sites

The best web design tools are the ones that are easy to use, have a lot of features, and work well.

Some of the best web design tools include:

– HTML editors: they make it easy to create and edit web pages.

– Designers: they help create prototypes for websites.

– Image editing software: they allow you to edit images in a variety of ways such as changing their color or adding text.

– Web browsers: they allow you to see how your website will look on different devices such as phones or laptops.

Pricing & Packages for Web Design in Cardiff

Are you looking for a website design company in Cardiff? We offer a range of packages to suit your needs. Visit our website pricing and packaging page for more information and to see what we can do for you.