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Elevate your business through digital PR by showcasing it in online publications. Utilizing compelling content angles, a carefully selected list of publications tailored to your business, and personalized outreach, we’ll ensure that your business captures the attention of the right audience.

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Excellent SEO service from Nick. Communication is fantastic with great updates on how my website is doing. Thanks, Nick
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Measurable Digital PR with Transparency

Digital PR proves invaluable for businesses, ensuring visibility among the target audience—those most likely to be interested in the offered products or services.

However, the process of executing digital PR is time-consuming. It involves ideation, crafting a compelling story or angle to generate attention, and meticulous research to provide background context. Creating visually appealing graphics and captivating copy that encourages widespread sharing further adds to the complexity.

The outcomes, though, can be remarkable. Securing features in prominent publications like The Sun, The Guardian, and The Mirror within a single day is achievable. Yet, such successes aren’t merely a stroke of luck; they stem from meticulous planning and flawless execution.

Contrary to the belief that only groundbreaking innovations garner coverage, Nick Walsh Studios digital PR campaigns have the ability to make even seemingly “dry” industries captivating for the right readership.

A Digitally Acclaimed PR Agency with a Genuine Passion

Since 2012, we have executed digital PR campaigns, promoting numerous businesses throughout the UK, Europe, and the USA.

As authors of several best-selling books on Amazon and 60,000 students on Udemy, we share insights into the content marketing and digital PR strategies that have enabled us to feature businesses in top publications and gain recognition from relevant influencers.

Our team stands out for its unparalleled dedication to your business. We prioritise building trust-based relationships with our clients, genuinely committed to delivering results that matter to you.

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We excel in providing exceptional digital PR services

Our Approach to Digital PR

We consistently achieve measurable results by leveraging robust relationships with valuable publishers, cultivated through years of delivering compelling stories that captivate their audiences. Our approach involves crafting a personalized digital PR strategy that centers around what your target audience desires, ensuring your business garners the attention it deserves.

Outreach to Journalists

Our Digital PR Team boasts an extensive contact list comprising freelance and mainstream media journalists, facilitating the acquisition of features or brand mentions for your business.

Blogger Engagement

With a database featuring hundreds of bloggers, established through numerous successful promotions, we strategically identify the most pertinent blogs for your business. This approach enables us to reach your ideal customers and effectively promote your brand.

Data-Driven Outreach

Our Digital PR Team specialises in gathering compelling and insightful data through surveys or research. We craft an informative and entertaining narrative around this data to effectively promote your business.

Influencer Collaboration

Connect with your target market by partnering with influencers we have established trust in. Our extensive database includes trusted influencers who can effectively promote your products or services to their dedicated followers.

Product Promotion

Our Digital PR Team will boost your business's product visibility among a highly receptive audience by securing product reviews and features on reputable websites from our database.

Press Releases

Utilising press releases, we showcase your business and share the latest stories or news. This reliable digital PR method has enabled us to secure numerous brand mentions and features.

Interested in discovering our strategy to achieve your goals?

Our Digital Marketing Consultants are ready to evaluate your current marketing strategies. After a thorough review, we’ll recommend the most suitable digital marketing package for your business.

The Beginning of Your Digital PR Campaign

  • 1. Evaluating Your Objectives

    Prior to commencing, we will assess your objectives. The more insights we gain about your goals, the more effective our digital PR strategy will be in bringing you closer to achieving those crucial objectives.
  • 2. Conducting an Audit of Past Digital PR Endeavors

    Before launching our digital PR campaign, it's crucial to understand what's already effective for your business.

    We conduct a comprehensive review of your website and any previous digital PR efforts you've undertaken. This assessment allows us to identify strengths and weaknesses. The more insights we gather, the more refined our new strategy becomes.

    If a particular type of digital PR proves to be more fruitful, we'll concentrate our efforts there. However, we're open to exploring new approaches that may not have been attempted by you or your previous agency. Recognizing that not every digital PR method suits every business, we refrain from committing to any specific approach until we're confident it aligns with your business goals rather than being a superficial endeavor.

  • 3. Conducting Industry and Competitor Research

    We aim to understand how businesses in your industry leverage digital PR.

    Specifically, we seek insights into the successful strategies employed by your competitors.

    Whether they are securing press features or utilising product outreach, we want to uncover their approaches.

    Through a thorough review of their digital PR campaigns, we gain valuable insights into the outreach methods that publishers are receptive to. This includes identifying naturally earned links and those that are deliberately created. In some cases, we may even ascertain the content marketing agency they are collaborating with.

    Following this research, we'll formulate a targeted digital PR strategy to meet the goals of your campaign.

  • 4. Formulating a Fresh Digital PR Strategy

    Having a clear understanding of your business goals and completing a content audit, we are now ready to craft your digital PR strategy.

    With years of experience in building successful digital PR campaigns, examples of which can be viewed here, we have honed our expertise. Armed with insights into the most effective types of content, compelling stories, and angles, we proceed to develop a structured calendar of work.

    Our strategy may involve a concentrated effort with journalists or a focus on collaborating with bloggers. We might choose to operate within your industry or explore related fields to connect with a diverse yet engaged audience. Additionally, we may allocate time to a significant project rather than committing to monthly endeavours. Although this approach may take longer to yield results, the outcomes often surpass those of monthly projects.

    Once we determine the optimal content angle, we meticulously identify the right publishers for dissemination.

  • 5. Engaging with Key Publishers

    Exceptional content yields remarkable results when it's showcased in the appropriate venues.

    Just as a Van Goch painting wouldn't enjoy the same renown if it adorned a spare bedroom wall, we understand the importance of placing your content in the right contexts. Our team invests time in research to identify and secure placements with publishers whose websites are frequented by your target audience.

    These publishers may range from mainstream media outlets to smaller, yet influential, personal bloggers. While mainstream media mentions hold significant value, particularly for search engine optimization (SEO), smaller websites are also valuable due to their dedicated core of engaged readers who consistently visit.

  • 6. Attaining Your Objectives

    We've completed our audits and research, determined our collaborators, and initiated the publication of our initial content pieces.

    Your digital PR strategy is now underway.

    In due course, you'll witness the outcomes of our dedicated efforts and the trust you've placed in us. While digital PR campaigns may not yield overnight success, your brand will experience heightened awareness, increased traffic, and a continual boost in sales over the coming months and years.

    Our commitment is to assist you in reaching your goals. Once achieved, we'll collaboratively set even loftier objectives and devise a new strategy to propel you toward them.

    As your business expands, we'll adapt and scale your digital PR campaign to align with your evolving ambitions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Digital PR, a facet of digital marketing, involves promoting businesses by securing the publication of content featuring them or created by them through collaborations with journalists, bloggers, and influencers.

If your business lacks widespread recognition, aims to expand its market share, or is a burgeoning entity with noteworthy stories to share, digital PR is essential. Functioning as digital press relations, it focuses on building online press relationships.

In contrast to traditional PR, which can be costly, ambiguous, and challenging to measure, digital PR offers affordability and accessibility to a broader audience.

While traditional PR agencies engage with major media organizations like The Sun and The Mirror, digital PR agencies, including ours, collaborate with a diverse array of internet-based websites, ranging from renowned outlets like The Guardian to niche platforms. With an extensive database of contacts, we can pinpoint the ideal website and angle for your business.

Digital PR extends beyond a select range of websites. Platforms relevant to your business’s industry are often more crucial than generic sites, as they not only boost Google rankings but also reach the target audience. For instance, a business unveiling heavy-duty drills may find more success on construction industry websites than on general news sites like The Independent or MSNBC.

Similarly, a startup launching a new investment app might gain more traction by featuring on smaller personal investment blogs, such as Monevator, with a moderately-sized but highly-engaged audience, rather than a large tech news website.

Digital PR can also encompass collaborations with influential figures on social media, commonly known as influencer marketing.

Our digital PR service ensures that your business and brand reach not just anyone, but specifically the individuals most likely to convert—your target audience.

We strategically focus on the websites they frequent the most. However, just as you wouldn’t appreciate your friend Jamie pitching his latest “no, it’s not a pyramid scheme” products at your barbecue, nobody enjoys when their favorite website publishes a thinly veiled advertorial that screams “they paid me to say this.”

So, how do you ensure your presence is seen in a way that genuinely captivates your audience?

Digital PR centers around storytelling. People aren’t engaged or entertained by reading about how great your service is or the numerous features of your new product. Instead, they are captivated by stories and valuable information.

For instance, an article in The Mirror titled “The Best Places for a Staycation in Wales” may ostensibly advertise a travel agency’s latest deals. While the content discusses a story, it’s the one the reader creates in their head—visualising the picturesque Brecon Beacons, the peaceful surroundings, and historic sites like Cardiff Castle. The benefit to the commissioned company is that it’s their brand, not their competitors’, being discussed and linked to.

Similarly, an article on a personal trainer’s blog about “Swimming in a pool” may serve as an advertisement for a recently launched mindfulness app. The story lies not in the list of swimming strokes but in the vision of improved health that readers envision for themselves. The benefit to the featured company (or the one sponsoring the piece) is that these readers, actively seeking fitness advice, are most likely to download the app mentioned in the blog post.

As people become increasingly desensitised to traditional advertising, our digital PR service addresses this challenge by delivering compelling stories instead.

Depending on the scale of your campaign, you may have one or more Digital PR Specialists collaborating within your Marketing Team. A Content Marketing team member is ideal due to their efficiency, high-level skills, and exceptional effectiveness.

In our effort to ensure synergy, we strive to pair new clients with Specialists who possess prior experience in the same industry. Despite having worked with a diverse array of businesses, each company, even within the same industry, often requires a distinct approach. Therefore, our strategy is always tailor-made for the specific company we’re collaborating with.

Your Content Marketing team member will invest time in acquiring comprehensive knowledge about your industry. Some of our clients even affirm that our team exhibits more expertise in their industry than they do themselves — and we’re not kidding. Our objective is to seamlessly blend in, sounding akin to a member of your Sales Team.

To provide dedicated oversight for your campaign, a designated Project Manager will be assigned. This individual serves as your representative and the singular point of contact with the team.

In cases where other services, such as search engine optimization or pay-per-click ads, run concurrently with digital PR, having a central Project Manager ensures the cohesion and tight integration of your entire campaign.

A dedicated Project Manager will oversee and manage your digital PR campaign.

Their primary focus is to serve as your representative within the team, prioritizing the singular goal of achieving your objectives.

This Project Manager will also be your exclusive point of contact. Rather than navigating through emails from multiple individuals simultaneously, all inquiries and requests will be streamlined through your designated Project Manager.

Ensuring regular updates, your Project Manager will communicate with you through emails or calls, depending on your preference. Importantly, these communications will be scheduled at your convenience, eliminating unexpected calls that might disrupt your schedule.

On a monthly basis, you will receive a comprehensive report. Unlike reports from other agencies that may be generated from generic software, our reports are freshly crafted each month. Each report details the tasks undertaken, the rationale behind them, and the achieved results.

To enhance transparency, we will also provide you with a live dashboard. This dashboard offers a real-time visualisation of your campaign’s progress, ensuring you are consistently informed about the ongoing developments. For a preview of a live dashboard, click here.

If your website already receives substantial traffic, new or enhanced copywriting can swiftly elevate leads or sales.

In cases with limited traffic, an immediate significant increase may not be apparent. However, as your traffic volume grows, the quality of the copy will exhibit a high conversion rate. Moreover, optimizing your copy for search engines will enhance Google’s understanding of your website pages, contributing to improved rankings and attracting more traffic.

For a gradual increase in traffic, we recommend implementing search engine optimization.

For a rapid surge in traffic, pay-per-click advertising is a viable option.

For an overarching strategy that balances both short-term and long-term growth, a combination of both strategies is typically recommended.

Digital PR is not a quick solution for immediate increases in traffic, leads, or sales.

It operates as a sustained, long-term project aimed at expanding a business’s reach and market share. Achieving these objectives is a gradual process that doesn’t happen overnight.

While coverage is typically obtained within a month of initiating digital PR efforts, noticeable positive indicators should be anticipated within the initial six months of the campaign. The cumulative impact of these results continues to grow over time, with significant outcomes typically becoming apparent around the twelfth month.

For those seeking more immediate boosts in traffic and conversions, we recommend exploring alternative channels like pay-per-click advertising.

Leveraging the full potential of digital PR is most effective for businesses that can promptly approve content. This empowers our Content Marketing Team to pitch, write, and place stories while the subjects are trending and editors at publications are actively engaged.

To enhance the impact of digital PR, it can be synergistically combined with other services. The most successful digital marketing campaigns are integrated, with multiple services working in tandem to amplify results beyond what each service could achieve independently. Digital PR pairs seamlessly with SEO, as the acquired links and placements contribute to potent offsite SEO benefits.

Additionally, the integration of services like Influencer Marketing and Social Media Advertising forms powerful combinations. The content created can be shared across various platforms, thereby magnifying the return on investment (ROI) and overall impact of each activity.

Ready to transform your online presence? Contact Nick Walsh Studios today, and let’s craft a stunning SEO campaign that outranks your competitors on Google SERPS.! Don’t miss out on the chance to drive growth. Reach out now for a consultation – your digital success awaits!

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