Our Most Recent Case Studies and Stories of Success

We are unwaveringly committed to enhancing our clients’ sales and achieving their business growth objectives. Whether it’s UK-based ecommerce stores, taxi companies, and building companies or US-based eCommerce stores, our team has consistently delivered impressive results across a diverse range of industries.

Let me share a glimpse of our success stories across various niches:

E-commerce Fashion Retailer

  • Objective: Increase online sales
  • Strategy: Dynamic Ads targeting users who viewed specific products but didn’t make a purchase.
  • Result: 30% increase in online sales to £48,396 within three months.

Local Service Business (Plumbing)

  • Objective: Generate local service inquiries
  • Strategy: Local Awareness Ads targeting users within a specific radius.
  • Result: 23% increase in service inquiries $35,984 in sales and a boost in local brand recognition in 60 days.

B2B Software Company

  • Objective: Lead generation
  • Strategy: Lead Ads with a downloadable whitepaper targeting decision-makers in relevant industries.
  • Result: 28% increase in qualified leads and improved lead-to-customer conversion rates and $38,124 in sales in 60 days.

Online Fitness Coaching Platform

  • Objective: Increase sign-ups for virtual coaching sessions.
  • Strategy: Implementing a combination of Video Ads and Carousel Ads, we showcased success stories of clients who achieved their fitness goals through the coaching platform. Additionally, we used targeted messaging to highlight the convenience and effectiveness of virtual coaching.
  • Results: The campaign resulted in a 25% increase in sign-ups for virtual coaching sessions. The engaging visual content and personalized messaging resonated with the target audience, driving higher conversion rates. $23,124 in sales within 45 days.

Dental Practice

  • Objective: Increase precision in targeting potential Dental patients.
  • Strategy: Utilize Facebook’s detailed targeting options to narrow down the audience based on demographics (age, location), interests (oral health, dental care), and behaviors (recently searched for dental services).
  • Results: The campaign resulted in high quality leads at just $16 a piece

Real Estate Agent

  • Objective: Get more listings for the Real Estate Agent
  • Strategy: Run Facebook Ads specifically targeting homeowners in the agent’s target market. Create ads that emphasize the benefits of listing with the agent, such as personalized service, marketing strategies, and successful track record.
  • Results: Generating Real Estate leads and get 8 new listings in the first 30 days using our services

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