WordPress Website Design Packages

 A collection of brand images, designs, graphics, templates, symbols and fonts that can be used to build your website. 

Most websites use a WordPress website design package created by their web designers or with the help of free WordPress themes available on the internet.

WordPress is a popular CMS, or content management system. It is the most widely used CMS in the world, and it powers over 29% of all websites on the internet. 

A WordPress website design package includes a pre-built site with templates and plugins, or you can build your own site from scratch.

There are many different ways to start a website with WordPress. You can choose to purchase a pre-built site that already has all of the features you need, or you can build your own site from scratch by installing WordPress on your own hosting account.

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What are the Benefits of Using a 

WordPress Website Design Package?

First, you have the ability to have an online presence that is cost-effective. Secondly, you will be able to reach a wider range of clients and potential customers because your website can be customized for all types of needs. Thirdly, , you will enjoy many features that are not included in free WordPress hosting, such as a mobile-friendly website and website analytics. Lastly, by using a wordpress website design package you can save time and money in the long run.

WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world. It has over 60 million websites running on it and it powers over 25% of all new websites. WordPress is free, easy to use, and fully customizable. It’s also open-source which means that you can always find a developer to customize your site for you.

The WordPress website design package makes it easier for you to get started with a website without having to worry about all of the technicalities involved. You don’t have to know any code or be good at designing a website – just follow the instructions and create something beautiful with ease!

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How to Choose the Best WordPress 

Website Design Package for Your Needs?


Choosing the right website design package for your needs is crucial, because it can make or break your business. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a WordPress website design package: – The level of customization and ease of use that you need – Your budget and timeline – Your industry and type of business – The number of pages on your site and the amount of content – The level of customization and ease of use that you need:If you are looking for a website design package with a very high level of customization, flexibility, and easy to use interface, then Elementor and Astra Themes are the perfect choice.

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The Complete Guide to WordPress Website Designers, Developers, and Freelancers

Introduction: What is a WordPress Website Designer?

A WordPress website designer is a person who designs and develops websites that use the WordPress content management system. WordPress designers work with a variety of clients, from individuals and small businesses to large corporations. A WordPress designer can design a website for you, or help you develop your own site if you have some knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP and other languages.

What is a WordPress Website Developer?

WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS) that powers over 28% of the internet. It is one of the most popular CMS systems in use today and it powers some of the most heavily visited sites on the web. WordPress Web Developers are experts in this CMS who help clients manage their websites, develop themes, and maintain plugins.

What is a WordPress Freelancer?

A WordPress freelancer is someone who has a freelance web designer or freelance web developer skills. They can be hired by businesses to help them design and develop their website. Freelance web designers and developers are often hired by companies to work on specific projects. They are the ones who do the design and development of the website, but they also provide guidance and advice on how to use WordPress for content management purposes.

How to Choose the Right One for Your Project

There are many factors you need to consider before hiring a freelancer. The most important ones are the skills and experience of the freelancer, their ability to work with deadlines and their pricing. You should also take into account the Google reviews of the freelancer, as well as if they have any special skills such as graphic design or programming.

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WordPress Website Packages Pricing


£49 set up / & £10 per month
  • 1 Page website design
  • Social media integration
  • 3-4 Working day turnaround
  • Free .co.uk domain name
  • Responsive web design
  • 2 Email accounts
  • Website editor - CMS
  • SEO optimised website
  • Fast UK cloud hosting
  • Encrypted SSL security

Startup Midi

£97 set up / & £15 per month
  • 5 Page website design
  • Social media integration
  • 5-6 Working day turnaround
  • Free .co.uk domain name
  • Responsive web design
  • 2 Email accounts
  • Website editor - CMS
  • SEO optimised website
  • Fast UK cloud hosting
  • Encrypted SSL security

Startup Pro

£197 set up / & £20 per month
  • 10 Page website design
  • Social media integration
  • 7-8 Working day turnaround
  • Free .co.uk domain name
  • Responsive web design
  • 2 Email accounts
  • Website editor - CMS
  • SEO optimised website
  • Fast UK cloud hosting
  • Encrypted SSL security

Web design, made easy

We’re a web design agency that specializes in WordPress and Elementor

Our team of designers and developers are always on the look-out for new design trends. We’re always keen to try out new tools that can help us become more efficient in our work, and we’re happy to share what we find with you.


We have been using Elementor for a while now, and we love it! Elementor is a drag-and-drop page builder that lets you create beautiful layouts without ever touching a line of code. It’s perfect for those who don’t know how to code but still want to update their website or have a web designer do it for them quickly.

It’s so easy to use and has a lot of great features. We especially like that Elementor can be used on any WordPress website. You’ll never have to worry about compatibility issues with your site because the Elementor plugin can be installed on any WordPress website and works seamlessly.

Advantages of Elementor:

It’s WordPress-compatible and works seamlessly with any WordPress website. It’s a drag-and-drop builder for your website so you can easily build beautiful content pages quickly without any coding experience whatsoever. You ‘ll get a lot of color controls such as font, background, and text color to make your site look exactly the way you want it to.


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WordPress development

We specialize in WordPress development and offer a wide range of services to suit your needs. From simple blog posts to complex e-commerce sites, we can help you get the job done.

The WordPress CMS website builder is the most popular web development platform by a long shot. Millions of websites are developed with WordPress because it has powerful functionality and is easy to use. We have over ten years of experience in developing custom WordPress sites for clients on all budgets.

CMS editing

Need to edit content on your CMS? You can easily do it yourself or we offer CMS editing services for all budgets and needs.

We are a team of experienced, skilled and passionate content writers who have been in the industry for more than a decade. We know what it takes to write engaging copy for your website. We also understand that you don’t always have the time to do this yourself.

That’s why we offer CMS editing services for all budgets and needs. Whether you need a simple blog post, a complicated web page or anything in between, we can help.

Our CMS editing services include:

– Content Strategy

– Copywriting

– Editing

The Complete Guide to Writing a WordPress Blog Post and How to Make it Stand Out

Introduction: What is a WordPress Blog Post?

This blog post will give you a general overview of what a blog post is and how to write one. A blog post is simply an entry on a blog. It’s usually written by the person who runs the blog, but it can also be written by someone else if they are commissioned to do so.

Blog posts are typically chronological and cover a variety of topics. They can be about anything that interests the person who runs the blog, from their thoughts on current affairs to their favorite recipes. A blog post is basically an update on what a person has been up to, or a story about something that happened in their life recently.

Start by introducing yourself and your blog.

“Hi, this is my name and I run a blog about film called xyz film .”

How to Write an Attention-Grabbing Headline for Your WordPress Blog Post

A headline is the most important part of your blog post. It should be short, catchy and make your reader want to know more about the article.

The best headlines are ones that answer a question or highlight a problem. For example, “How to Write an Attention-Grabbing Headline for Your WordPress Blog Post” is an attention-grabbing headline because it answers a question that many bloggers have – how do you write a blog post headline?

How to Write an Engaging Introduction for Your WordPress Blog Post

What should an introduction contain? An introduction usually contains the first paragraph and includes a short summary of what is going to be covered in the rest of your post. Some people also include a general overview of the content they will be talking about and why it’s important.The introduction is also typically where you tell your readers why you are writing this blog post .

You might tell them how you became interested in writing this post and why you think that it will be interesting for them. Explain why your topic is important to your readers and what they can take away from the article.

What should an introduction not include?

An introduction should not contain any statistics, facts, or figures – these are typically covered in the body of your post.

How to Write Compelling Content for Your WordPress Blog Post

Some tips on how to write compelling content for your WordPress blog post include: 

Creating a catchy title, – Writing an introduction that engages readers, – Maintaining the same tone throughout, – Using images, videos and graphics that are relevant, – Providing valuable information that is not available elsewhere ,- Using quotes and anecdotes,- Writing on interesting topics that are pertinent to your audience.