One of the best things about WordPress as a content management system for any business is the wide range of different plugins that can be downloaded, often for free.

These software solutions provide additional functionality for your website, help attract more customers, streamline your online operation and allow you to stand out from the competition.

With such a broad array of options, it’s often difficult for businesses to make the right choices when it comes to plugins.

To help, our Cardiff web design team have put together a list of 10 popular WordPress plugins and explain why you should have them incorporated into your site.

What Are Plugins?

  • Plugins are additional pieces of software that add extra functionality to your website.
  • WordPress has some 50,000 or more of these and the vast majority are free to download or have a free version.
  • They can help you set up easy contact forms, extract telling metrics about your site performance and allow you to send instant messages to potential customers – and that’s just the start.

Our Top 10 Plugins on WordPress for Your Cardiff Web Design

Choosing the right plugins for your business website can be a little confusing. That’s why it’s important to work with a team that understands what your needs are and which additional pieces of software are going to benefit your online business. Here are just a few of our favourites:

1. SeedProd

If you want to customise a page then SeedPod provides you with a drag and drop system that makes it all sublimely easy.

This is a great tool if you want to create stunning landing pages or sales pitches and it comes with more than a hundred different templates. You can also brand your pages and set up your own templates, saving time when you need to replicate pages.

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, WordPress Plugins That Can Power Your WordPress Site

2. Monster Insights

WordPress has JetPack that comes as standard when you first start uploading pages and it provides some useful stats and metrics about visitors and their engagement. If you want more detail, however, the Monster Insight plugin is popular with a wide range of businesses.

It links up to Google Analytics and provides you with all the information you need to make informed decisions about running your website.

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3. MemberPress

If you want to create a subscription service or you run a business, for example, providing educational resources, MemberPress is indispensable. It allows you to create a subscription and limit access to certain content depending on a visitor’s status. With powerful tools, it provides you with all the solutions you need including payment portals, metrics and insights as well as email marketing

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, WordPress Plugins That Can Power Your WordPress Site
, WordPress Plugins That Can Power Your WordPress Site

4. WPRocket

One of the key challenges for online businesses is download speed. The slower your pages appear on someone’s screen the more likely they are to get frustrated and search elsewhere. WPRocket has a variety of tools for speeding up the website performance, including image optimization and automatic caching.

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5. Sucuri

One thing that customers who use our Cardiff website development service generally worry about is security. One of the most popular business plugins is Sucuri that adds a further layer of protection and monitoring to keep your site and your customers safe.

Not only that, the plugin gives your site a performance boost, optimising CDN and creating faster download speeds.

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, WordPress Plugins That Can Power Your WordPress Site
, WordPress Plugins That Can Power Your WordPress Site

6. PushEngage

Push notification technology has transformed how businesses communicate with customers. If you run an ecommerce store, for example, push notifications allow you to send immediate messages to your subscribers about new products or give them a prompt if they’ve abandoned their shopping cart.

The PushEngage plugin comes with additional features such as A/B testing so you can find out what’s working and what isn’t.

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7. SearchWP

If you have a large site, such as an online store with many different products, organising menus and getting the structure right can be challenging. Including a feature-packed search engine that can get customers to the pages they are looking for is vital. That’s where a plugin like SearchWP comes in.

It goes beyond the WordPress standard functionality and adds useful tools to the mix including the ability to create custom fields and add WooCommerce product attributes.

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, WordPress Plugins That Can Power Your WordPress Site

8. Live Chat

What if you could reach out to someone visiting your website and talk to them directly? Well, that’s what Live Chat allows you to do – and it’s revolutionising marketing for a whole range of different businesses.

You can also add a chatbot plugin that allows you to automate responses for certain regular queries your business might have from customers.

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9. WooCommerce

About 5 million businesses around the world use the WooCommerce plugin to sell their products. It comes with a whole host of powerful tools to manage your ecommerce store including uploading product pages and managing inventory with ease.

Along with WordPress, WooCommerce offers a tonne of different additional plugins to help you manage and market your online store.

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, WordPress Plugins That Can Power Your WordPress Site
, WordPress Plugins That Can Power Your WordPress Site

10. Yoast

Need to improve the SEO on your pages? Yoast is free to install and allows you to optimise for keywords as well as giving you valuable insights into how your page is written. It uses a traffic light system to show where your pages need improving and there are software options for different kinds of sites including ecommerce stores.

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Where To Find Great Cardiff Website Development

Choosing the right plugins for your Cardiff web design is critical if you want to improve performance and make your business website even more successful and user friendly. These are just a few of the plugins that are available, often for free, to local businesses.

At Nick Walsh Studios, we get to know your business intimately and can suggest a range of different updates that are designed to improve functionality. Whether you want faster downloading pages, a more secure website or want to engage with customers on a deeper level, there’s usually a plugin or two that can make things much easier.

Selecting the best plugins is only part of what we do at Nick Walsh Studios. We work with a wide array of different Cardiff businesses, including new startups, to help them maximise their potential online.

Want to find out more? Contact our Cardiff website design team today.