At Nick Walsh Studios we’ve worked with a lot of different local businesses, helping them to create attractive and successful websites that stand out from the competition. One of the favourite systems for our Cardiff web design service is the popular CMS WordPress.

Here we take a closer look at this how the platform works and why it’s a flexible and easy to use option for all sorts of businesses, including ecommerce

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source content management system or CMS. That means developers from all around the world work on the platform adding functionality and a bunch of easy to use but powerful tools for building and maintaining websites.
While WordPress started initially as a blogging platform, in recent years it has developed into a business-friendly system with ready-made themes and a whole host of useful plug-ins. The great news is that WordPress can be simple or as complicated as you want. It’s also very easy to learn how to use, even if you’re not technically minded, and the software is free.

What Does WordPress Offer Online Businesses?

Small and medium-sized businesses generally work on tight budgets. WordPress provides all the power that a professionally developed website delivers and the flexibility to introduce new elements as and when needed. What we love about it is that WordPress is always evolving

1. WordPress is Free and Easy to Use

Everything that is designed on WordPress is focused on the user experience. A lot of what you see when you open the content management panel is intuitive and has been carefully thought through. If you’ve used products like Microsoft Word or Google Docs, you’ll find it relatively easy to pick up.
Creating a new page for your online business is as easy as opening the word processor, typing in your text, uploading a few images and then pressing publish. WordPress and a lot of its plugins are also to use. All you need to pay for your hosting and the domain name

2. It’s Used by Many Businesses

Just because something is popular, doesn’t mean it’s right for your business. But in the case of WordPress, we’ve found it’s a pretty good indication that you’re making a great choice – some 74 million sites around the world use it and we’d say the majority are small and medium-sized companies.
It’s not just the large number of businesses using this content management system, we believe that WordPress is ideal for any type of business including, with the addition of a powerful WooCommerce plugin, online stores.

3. You Can Start Using WordPress Straight Away

Once you’ve signed up, got your domain name and hosting package, WordPress is ready to go. You can set up a new webpage in a matter of minutes and be live in next to no time. With a wide range of paid and free themes, it’s easy to create a professional-looking site with little or no effort.
At Nick Walsh Studios, our expert Cardiff web development team don’t just create a stunning site for your business – we tutor you on how to get the most out of it as well. That gives you full control from the moment that your site goes live.

4. It Works Well with Search Engines

WordPress doesn’t give you an advantage over a website that is written from the ground up but it does provide you with a lot of different tools that allow you to get your SEO spot on. These plugins include Yoast which helps you rank for keywords and also provides insight into your page construction that makes it more likely to hit the first page of search results for platforms like Google.

5. Flexible and Adaptable, Ideal for Your Cardiff Web Design

Why can’t my site do this? Why can’t it do that? These are some of the frustrations our Cardiff web design team see all the time with customers come to us for the first time. The good news is WordPress is one of the most flexible and adaptable content management systems on the planet.

6. Plenty of Plug-Ins

One of the key reasons why WordPress is used across the world by many businesses is the availability of plug-ins.
These are additional bits of software that add functionality to your site and WordPress has perhaps more than any other CMS or ecommerce platform (we estimate over 50,000), many of them free to install.

7. Great Security

One of the biggest and most concerning issues for any online business is security and how to keep not only themselves but their customers safe.
Your system will update automatically providing you with the latest and most secure software. Using https domains that offer high levels of encryption and data protection during transfer, you have all the tools you need for complete peace of mind.

8. Customizable and Mobile Friendly

Even within individual themes you can customise your WordPress site and create fantastic and unique pages. Most designs nowadays are also meant to be mobile friendly – that means they look great on smartphones and tablets.
Why is this important? An increasing number (now well over 50%) of people access information on these types of devices. You don’t have to worry about additional coding for your site, WordPress handles it all for you.

9. It Has eCommerce Solutions

WordPress has become even more powerful in recent years, especially if you want to set up an ecommerce store. Hooking up with WooCommerce means that you can quickly download their plug-in and set up your site selling products within a matter of minutes.

10. Community Support

Finally, one of the things our Cardiff website design team loves about WordPress is its wide-ranging and helpful community support. If you have a question or want to know about how to do something on WordPress there is generally a video or help page written by someone from that community.

Getting the Most Out of Your Cardiff Website Development

There’s a lot to unpack when you start using a CMS like WordPress and most of it is pretty good. Getting the best start with your business website, whether you provide local services or want to create a global ecommerce store, is critical. That’s where a service like Nick Walsh Studios comes in.

Web Design, South Wales Style

Our Cardiff web design team work closely with local business from all around South Wales, helping them to put the right building blocks in place for their WordPress site. We’ll not only make sure the design is right for your business but that you have all the tools you need to succeed.

Want to find out more? Contact our Cardiff web design team today.