How do you make the most of your website design? What changes can you make to that design to drive more customers to your store?

A lot of budding Cardiff entrepreneurs have been busy getting online lately, creating amazing ecommerce stores or setting up services that benefit their local community.

Our customers have a host of different reasons for creating an online presence. There’s so much opportunity out there nowadays and good web design is more affordable than ever.  You don’t need to be a professionally trained web designer to try your hand, go live online and start attracting customers.

How to Create a Shopify Store

Ecommerce has become increasingly popular over the last ten years. With drop shipping opportunities and a whole bunch of cottage businesses growing up in the UK selling handmade and artisanal products, there’s plenty of scope if this is where you see your future.

One of the most well-known ecommerce platforms, of course, is Shopify. For a relatively low monthly fee, you can set up any store in just a few minutes and start selling to people all around the world. ]

Shopify also provides its users with a lot of good advice, including this comprehensive guide to setting up an ecommerce business from scratch.

Website Design Cardiff, Website Design Cardiff
Website Design Cardiff, Website Design Cardiff

Working with a Website Design Team in Cardiff

Here at Nick Walsh Studios, we’re tending to see a lot more budding entrepreneurs trying their hand at building an ecommerce store. Clients come to us because they can guarantee that their online shop gets off to the best start and has all the tools needed to succeed.

We also work with many service business owners from local Cardiff gyms to cafes and restaurants as well as wedding organizers, therapists and even lifestyle bloggers.

Getting the right theme for your business and making sure that it is optimised for performance and does what you want it to is incredibly important. That’s why it’s essential to work with a creative team that knows how to set everything up and tailor the design to your exact needs.

Getting Your Web Content Spot On

One of the biggest challenges for new websites is to get the right content in place. It not only has to help with search engine optimisation but also sell a particular product or service to your visitors in the most efficient way.

Getting the balance right is never easy. The good news is that a content management system like WordPress, which is a favourite for many businesses, has some amazing plugins that make life a lot easier when it comes to posting content.

One of these we like at Nick Walsh Studios is SEO by Rank Math which helps you optimise your pages for searches. It can support you in creating content that shows up in rich snippets, for instance, and allows you to optimise for an unlimited number of keywords. It also links to Google Analytics and its keyword tools to give you much more power.

Selecting the best plugins can often be challenging for new business owners – there are just so many to pick from. We make it easier for our clients by getting to know their business model and what works best for them. We also take the time to teach our clients how to use all this added functionality. 

Find Web Design Cardiff

Working with our website design team in Cardiff has several advantages, not least that we provide the personal touch many business owners are looking for. We understand the local area and have the tools to help make your business a success, whether you’re catering to a local audience or want to reach further afield.

Contact our creative website design team in Cardiff today.

Website Design Cardiff, Website Design Cardiff