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Local SEO Packages

Local Online Visibility Boost, Search Term Packages for Small Businesses

The online visibility report for a client on the right shows us achieving Page One Google rankings for seven search term phrases with a combined monthly search volume of 3,300+ people for the search phrases!

An awesome increase in the number of potential customers who have found this client online. We can do this for you too!

We have created a singular cost-effective service where we combine the facility of local SEO packages: Containing Citations for Google maps SEO, high-quality link building, content creation, and other marketing tactics. Our packages are perfect for any small business to realize high visibility online resulting in awesome sales growth.

By using our SEO local services we will assist your small business in flourishing to it’s fullest potential with huge sales growth. Achieved by spreading your company keywords successfully to more potential clients. Keyword research is one of the best ways we can provide this SEO Service for your company. We make sure that we select the proper keywords after researching carefully by choosing the foremost relevant and profitable ones for your business. Our main focus is achieving your main goal of gaining more customers and an excellent ROI.

Our SEO Packages

Our local SEO services provide you with the very highest quality backlinks. Before building links to your website we analyze the website that we will link to your site to be sure that it’s of top quality. We only build backlinks from trusted high-end websites and manually place all links into each site to make sure that we meet your high expectations. The Page Rank quality is usually Strong or Very Strong.

Our links will always be quality links which will greatly increase your website visibility, leading to more quality business for you. We currently cater to small businesses and understand your needs and requirements with a full analysis of your business, and targeted customers.

Dominate Local Search Results

With our Local SEO package, your business has the power to dominate local search results. We assist to rank your Google My Business Page highly in A, B, C, position, and also your website to dominate with keywords in the organic local search results.

How to check where your website is ranking in Google

google seo ranking

FAQ’s to explain website rankings:

Q: What is a website ranking position on Google?

A: Depending on the search result, there are typically 10 organic results. A ranking position is the position in these 10 organic results, on page one, that you appear in. It doesn’t normally include non-traditional organic results (such as maps) or paid advertising (Google Ads).

Q: Are Google ranking positions different depending on who is searching?

A: Yes, Google doesn’t provide the same search results for a query to all users. Factors such as the user’s location, the page’s relevance to their location and their past searching habits may affect what they see.

Q: What metric is typically used to track website performance relating to SEO?

A: The average position within Google Search Console gives a good idea about the general direction of rankings within a country. Google rank checking software can also be used to check ranking positions at a local level.

Q: What is a ‘SERP’?

A: ‘SERP’ is an abbreviation for ‘Search Engine Results Page’, i.e. the search query result page for a query on Google.

Google’s ranking algorithm is updated and refreshed often, pages can change rank a lot monthly, not so much weekly and very small changes daily, so monthly changes and even weekly can be 23rd to 14th, 7th to 5th, 9th to 34th, 28th to 5th and so on and happen all the time.

Google will also rank your website differently due to localisation and personalisation. Different countries and cities will have different localisation results returned by Google so if you search in Barcelona or London you will see different search results (websites) and or in a different order for the key search term “Dentist”. 

Google uses a lot of what they know about the searcher from their previous searches (Personalisation), to alter the search results for you.

Especially if the searcher is using Google Chrome or is signed in to YouTube or Gmail. Google knows what sites you have visited so if you type in a search term related to a website that you previously visited the website will show higher in the SERP’s than it would for a new searcher. 

You can check your website average position in the search results by using Google Search Console, and you can check how many times individual key phrases have been used to find your site. which is free, quick, accurate and comprehensive.

Check For Free Where Your Website Is Ranking In Google:

Sign in to Google Search Console, click on your website name or click “Add Site” if needed, click “Performance” on left hand sidebar and you will see similar to the graphic below.

Nick is the founder of Nick Walsh Studios, a result-driven and successful digital marketing agency based in Cardiff.

Nick originally got involved with SEO at a Cory Rudl Internet Marketing conference in London in the late 1990’s.

At the time Nick was running a  Fire and Flood Restoration business.

After deciding to switch to Internet Marketing, SEO and Website Design he started to sell courses on Udemy and has 54,000+ online students.

Using SEO techniques he sold books on KDP Amazon and has published SEO, WordPress and YouTube books on Amazon.

After finding a one-on-one Internet Marketing Coach Terry Dean from Florida in 2010, Nick decided to concentrate on SEO and WordPress Website Design.

Nick is constantly trying and testing new things. Nick regularly attends online SEO conferences from across the world. 

He spends most of his time as an SEO Consultant For Businesses in London, Cardiff and Bristol.

Business aside, when he’s not working on the SEO Agency, you can most likely find him on Grandfather duty or watching sport.

 Interesting Facts:

Favourite Film: The Italian Job (Michael Caine).

Favourite Ice Cream: Chocolate.

Best Life Hack: Get rid of that negative voice on your shoulder.

Favourite Soccer Team: 1.Swansea City. 2.Chelsea. 3. Real Sociedad.

Local Online Visibility Booster Packages


Local SEO Package
£ 1,997 Per Month
  • Medium-Weight
  • Domain Authority 20 – 50
  • Keyword Research
  • Top 20 Keywords Optimisation
  • Competitor Analysis
  • On-Page SEO
  • 10 x High Quality Citations
  • 10 x DA 25+ Links
  • 4 x Classified Ads
  • 2 x Guest Blog / Article
  • 4 x Article Bookmarks
  • 2 x Business Profile
  • 35+ Backlinks a Month
  • Monthly Report
  • Keyword Tracking
  • Phone & Email Support

Start Up

Local SEO Package
£ 497 Per Month
  • Light-Weight
  • Domain Authority 20 – 30
  • Keyword Research
  • Top 5 Keywords Optimisation
  • Competitor Analysis
  • On-Page SEO
  • 5 x High Quality Citations
  • 5 x DA 25+ Links
  • 2 x Classified Ads
  • 1 x Guest Blog / Article
  • 2 x Article Bookmarks
  • 1 x Business Profile
  • 20 Backlinks a Month
  • Monthly Report
  • Keyword Tracking
  • Phone & Email Support


Local SEO Package
£ 3,997 Per Month
  • Heavy-Weight
  • Domain Authority 20 – 80
  • Keyword Research
  • Top 40 Keywords Optimisation
  • Competitor Analysis
  • On-Page SEO
  • 15 x High Quality Citations
  • 15 x DA 25+ Links
  • 6 x Classified Ads
  • 3 x Guest Blog / Article
  • 6 x Article Bookmarks
  • 3 x Business Profile
  • 45+ Backlinks a Month
  • Monthly Report
  • Keyword Tracking
  • Phone & Email Support

Note* Our methods derive from White Hat SEO only. We follow the principles and regulations and guidelines to ensure your website is not penalized by Google for spammy links and keyword stuffing of your website, we would never get you spammy links or stuff your site with keywords.

Achieve Your SEO Objectives With Us

As business owners, we all want more business from Internet Marketing, SEO, Backlinks, Local SEO and we will help you to realize your goal and get more online customers. Your website we will be promoting and marketing in every way possible. Online marketing promotion is now the foremost important way to realize business growth and we use white hat techniques to get your website ranked high. It can seem complicated to know about online marketing so we’ve created this unique, one-of-a-kind, quality service to help you to realize your business goals.

We work with you, our clients with the dedication of meeting your online needs. Our services range from SEO citations, content creation to classified advertising. The services we offer you’ll always be unique and made to satisfy your specific business requirements. They’re many services that you simply will enjoy once you purchase one of our three available packages. With every package, your business is going to be ready to enjoy hand-built citations, classified submissions, social bookmarking platforms, and web directories that have a high domain authority of 25+.

We also provide you with article submissions where we’ll write high-quality articles then submit them to high traffic sites with great page authority and trusted by Google. Also, a business profile on Bing, Google, and other directories and create well written and SEO researched content. We will Target buying keywords of your choice or recommended by us after we analyze your competitors and make your business website one that converts visitors to buyers to maximize your profits.

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