1. Not all of your website traffic is quality

An organic visitor who Googles you isn’t the same as someone who types in your URL directly from your card .

So why are we showing them the same thing? Why do numerous folks trump the perks of landing pages and targeting traffic, but flop when it involves our own sites?

Here’s one thing that i feel is clever:

On your card , instead of putting http://yourcompany.com, try: http://yourcompany.com/hello – or maybe even a separate domain altogether. Imagine meeting someone at an event , giving them your card, then they pull up your site later and see something that starts out with, “It was great meeting you! Here’s how I can help you…”

, How To Increase Traffic To My Site
, How To Increase Traffic To My Site

2. What’s in it for me?

No one cares about you (it’s harsh, but pretty accurate.)

All they have to know is, “If I hire xyz company, will I make more cash than I spent?” this means tailoring your messaging around the pains that your services fix. If you are a graphic designer for a living, you help companies look more professional.

3. Less “I/we”, more “you”

People want to know that they’re being spoken to. We spend hours and hours on our copy and designs , and too often are guilty of promoting how awesome we are instead of what business problems the client have.

, How To Increase Traffic To My Site
, How To Increase Traffic To My Site

4. Give them a carrot

Want to truly impress someone? Want to line the stage for how someone should engage with a consultant like yourself?

Offer a free report that educates somebody about something that relates to their business. If you offer plumbing services, write a guide that covers the basics of how to repair a tap or do a video in exchange for an email address.

This will do wonders in establishing authority (your authority) and eroding any trust barriers the client might erect. If they don’t reach you on their own after reading your material, gently nudge them with a “I saw you downloaded my report – I’d wish to answer any questions you’d possibly have about plumbing repairs” email.

Do this and the quantity of qualified leads you get through your website will literally skyrocket.

, How To Increase Traffic To My Site

5. Drop the jargon

Clients don’t usually care about open standards, clean code, WordPress, or whatever else. They do care about making extra cash , getting more customers, and other things that generally keep them in business.

6. Marketers have already given you the process.

Pain: People need to know they have a pain before they buy a solution . What pains lead people to hire people like you? And remember: some pains are false:

Does someone need a replacement website (client thinks this is their pain), or do they need more customers (the clients real pain)?

Solution: What is the solution you can provide?Maybe people need more website visitors so you can do the SEO for them to get several of the clients keyphrases ranking in Google page one.

Offer: What are you ready to provide that leads people out of the dismal world of today’s pains to a pain-free tomorrow? This is your jargon-less offer – why hiring YOU will solve the pain they’re facing (which you’ve already shown them you are feeling for ).

, How To Increase Traffic To My Site

Objections: this is often often where you’d wish to reply to questions you recognize plenty of your prospects are asking themselves.

Can she really deliver? Is she affordable? Is she someone who won’t go missing in action?

Testimonials: Testimonials that say “YOU was great to work with!” are almost worthless, but testimonials that mention how you’ve positively benefited a business are gold. “They increased my website traffic by 200% within 60 days”.

The viewer now knows you’ll relate to their pains, that you simply know what you are doing, that you’re the right person for them.

The Call To Action: this is often your moment, the convincing is completed and now it’s time to urge someone to act. This might mean a form field to swap an email address for a free report, or it could just be a phone number or contact form.

Do you have a transparent call to action that provides a carrot? Is it immediately obvious how someone can get in-touch with you?

  • “Limited time offer”
  • “$97 for the next 4 hours only”
  • “Buy one get one free”
  • “8 50% off coupons left”

Call us now 12345678.

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