Google’s May 2020 Core Update

google may 2020 update


May 4, is a new Google Core Update, this is the second core update for 2020 at present. Danny Sullivan confirmed that in a recent press release.


May 2020 Core Update Facts

Googles updates recently: The previous core algorithm update which happenede back in January was as dramatic as the COVID-19 pandemic and many websites saw dramatic falls and rises in their rankings.

The volatility of search rankings can be seen with this data SEMrush Sensor and the full results take about 2 weeks to show. Blogs and SEO forums are full of comments about how volatile this shakeout has been. Many websites have seen their rankings go from page on e to page ten and even further down the rankings.

The Winners and Losers of the May 2020 Core Update


The goal is to obtain within search results across all continents and across all languages using the broad core algorithm to shake out the SERPS so that there are winners and losers in the SERPs.

Travel, tourism, live events, etc., we expected to be significantly down, so there are no suprises there during this Coronavirus pandemic.

Industries already impacted by the Pandemic have seen further falls and across several other industries we have seen major changes so combined Travel, Real Estate, Health, Pets & Animals, and People & Society are the major industries.

Within the United States we have seen websites with traffic exceeding 1 million monthly visitors and big domain names have ranking changes that are gigantic and they account for half of the ranking changes.We have also spotted that many big domains were highly affected and account for around half of the significant ranking changes. 

Winners of SERP’s

An obituary site called gained huge positions, +13 positions up on average and increased its popularity with this Google update. Because of lockdown and everyone looking at the news, the biggest winner is the News sector.

Losers of SERP’s

Cinemas, Theaters, Meet-Ups and social events are all clearly, social events that could not take place because of Covid-19 and related websites have taken a big hit in the SERP’s.

Eventbrite, very popular for fun seekers and those wanting to socialize at restaurants, pubs and travel trips have lost around 44 positions.

What Can You Do Now? 

Remember to read Google’s guidelines they remain the same as before the pandemic, they say to improve your content, make sure to add new sentences, FAQ’s, information that helps your readers, so you need to have relevant and authoritative content to those Google searchers.

Check your content and website is formatted for users and those searching for your niche content, and go to Google Search Console to make sure SEO mistakes are fixed. You can check out an audit tool by SEMRUSH site audit tool and find out if your website has any issues.

Buy a gig on a freelancer website to create in your niche better than industry-standard — facts, tips, and data —  to offer to Google and Bing and other search engines and gain some love from your target audience with all that information that they need to answer a search query.




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