Content is king. You’ll hear this from most marketing professionals all the time and it’s true. Content, however, can take many forms – written product descriptions, engaging graphics, images and even video.

Including the right mix is vital for your ecommerce site.

Great content sells. It helps cement attachment to your brand. It leads the visitor to your site from a lukewarm prospect to a fully-fledged customer, pressing that all-important ‘buy’ button.

Whether you have just a few products to sell or thousands, your content is critical.


What is Content?

The content on your website can take different forms. The most obvious is those written product descriptions. But you may combine that with graphics, images of products and even video. The design, layout and logo for your website are also content.

Great content makes a huge difference to sales. If you’re selling clothes, for example, an amazing fashion image can do more than all the written product descriptions you could ever think of. The reason that many fashion sites now include videos of models wearing their clothes is that it creates a more immediate and emotional connection with prospective customers.

Creating content is not a chore. Content is the single biggest factor that will determine the success or failure of your Cardiff ecommerce web design. And you need to pay attention to it.

Types of Content for Your eCommerce Store
• Product descriptions: A few sentences (sometimes more) explaining what the product is and how to buy it.
• Calls to action: It’s important to have your buying buttons clearly displayed and near the top of your product pages.
• Images: A picture does paint a thousand words and it’s critical to pay close attention to your image choices.
• Video: Increasingly important in ecommerce sales, you can use video to show off any product.
• Blogs: These are a great way to target certain keywords and draw in new customers. They can also be used to provide additional information and support to existing customers.

Effective Product Descriptions for Your Cardiff Web Design

While there are many different types of content, the product description is perhaps the most important for ecommerce sites and the primary thing you will be focused on.

1. Benefits vs Features

Learn the difference between benefits and features when writing descriptions because it’s important. Features are things like the fingerprint ID on a smartphone. The benefit is that it allows you to keep your phone secure but you can still access everything by simply using your thumb rather than typing in a code.

Focus more on the benefits to your customer when you are writing your descriptions. That’s what they are interested in. Features should be secondary, though for products such as computers and smartphones they’re often seen as just as important.

2. Start with Your Strongest Selling Points

One mistake beginner ecommerce store owners can make is writing too much content. They start with a big lead in rather than getting down to the nitty-gritty. Hit your strongest selling points first as these are going to convince your customer to buy.

3. Have a Clear Call to Action and a Buy Button

One of the simplest content decisions you can make is where you put your buy button or your call to action. Make it highly visible. Put it right next to the product, at the top of the page, in other words. You’d be surprised by the number of ecommerce site owners who stick their buy button right down at the bottom where it can’t immediately be seen. 



eCommerce Website, Creating Content for Your eCommerce Website

What is SEO?

Search engine optimisation is a way of increasing the likelihood that your web page will appear top of the listings when someone types in certain keywords. Get it right and it means more visitors and, hopefully, more sales.

There’s a lot more to SEO than keywords, however. How quickly your site downloads and how many people link to you are also factors.

Check out this simple guide from

The Trick with SEO

Many new ecommerce websites make the mistake of focusing too much on SEO, particularly keywords. While these are great for raising your rankings in search engines they can often overpower pages, in some cases making them illegible.

What you have to remember is that, once you get your customer to visit, you need to sell the product or products to them. That means you need compelling content that engages and convinces them to buy.

The big trick with SEO is getting the balance right. Our advice is to focus more on selling rather than attracting through search engines with multiple keywords.


Social Media Content

One of the most simple and useful things you can do is make sure that your ecommerce website is connected to your business social media platforms. It gives visitors the chance to connect with you on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to name just a few. You can also set up your site so that any new pages added immediately get posted on your timeline.

Think of your social media accounts and your ecommerce site as synergistic – they need to be working together as much as possible. Check out this guide on how social media can boost your visibility online


eCommerce Website, Creating Content for Your eCommerce Website

Blogging: Does it Work for eCommerce?

Blogging can be time-consuming and it’s not unusual for ecommerce owners to ignore this side of marketing. Posting regular blogs has several advantages, however – it provides additional content for your customers and can be used to target more obscure keywords to bring new people to your site.

Search engines also like sites that have regular new content so adding blogs can help improve your rankings over time. If you write great, interesting content, other sites will also link to your pages another thing that search engines quite like when determining rankings.

Our Rule of Thumb: Less is More

Finally, there is a rule that it’s best to follow when it comes to creating content. Less is more, might sound counterintuitive. Some long copy for particular products works very well.

What we’re saying here is try not to waffle. Say what you need to say and get out. Don’t add things on or repeat stuff unnecessarily because you want to sound interesting, boost SEO or fill up space. Focus on what your customer wants to hear and what you need to say to get them to buy.

Find the Best Cardiff Web Design

South Wales, particularly Cardiff and Swansea, is full of budding entrepreneurs. Setting up an ecommerce store has never been easier and less expensive. Working with a professional team, however, can make a huge difference to the eventual success of your site in those early days of setting up.

At Nick Walsh Studios, we’re experienced at creating ecommerce sites of all types and can help you make that first important move to getting online and selling your products.

Want an amazing ecommerce website? Contact Nick Walsh Studies in Cardiff today.