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At Nick Walsh Studies we have a great deal of experience delivering high quality, powerful web design at affordable prices.

Pembrokeshire is home to many budding entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized businesses of all shapes and sizes. One of the key factors in the success of any enterprise is ensuring your online presence is optimised.

Web design is more than just a few attractive looking graphics. Elements such as page download speed, how secure your Pembrokeshire website is, how it ranks on search engines, both locally and globally, and the types of plugins you use for increased functionality all make a significant difference.

How Our Web Design Team Works with Your Pembrokeshire Business

Whether you want to create a brand new ecommerce store or you run a service orientated business in the heart of Pembrokeshire, we aim to support you all the way. We’ll get to know your business at a deeper level and help you create a cutting edge website design that meets your aspirations and reflects your brand.

We use WordPress content management systems because they come with a lot of the additional functionality that our customers are searching for. This is important because it allows you, for example, to capture information about visitors to your site, understand how your pages are performing with easy to view metrics or create stunning, SEO friendly pages that rank highly on platforms like Google.

Some of the Functionality We Add

There are thousands of different plug-ins for your Pembrokeshire website design and it can be challenging to pick the right ones that work for your business. Not only can we create an amazing design for your site but we’ll include all the functionality you need, including:

Capture Visitor Emails

Many Pembrokeshire businesses that we provide our web design services to want to be able to capture the email addresses of visitors. With this important data, they can market things like newsletters to their customers.

A plug-in like MailChimp for WP is perfect for this and can certainly help build brand engagement and improve conversions.

Fast Downloading Pages

One of the key factors in any successful website is the speed that pages download. According to Google, it plays a big role in page ranking.

Sites that don’t download quickly tend to lose visitors who become frustrated and leave without viewing the pages. You can check your website download speed here. At our Pembrokeshire design agency, we ensure that all your pages are optimised and download super quick.

High Levels of Security for Your Pembrokeshire Website

Protecting your website once it goes live is key. Another plugin that can help is UpdraftPlus that backs up your website and saves a copy to either Dropbox or a Google Drive link. If anything goes wrong with your hosting or you get hacked, you have a working copy of your website ready to go. There is a range of different security-based plugins that we can install for your business website to help keep it safe.

Create a Cutting Edge eCommerce Store

If you are considering building an ecommerce store we have a strong track record of creating amazing Shopify and WooCommerce sites for our Pembrokeshire website customers. On top of that, we can add powerful tools such as SEO by Rank Math that help you get to the top of rankings more easily when you produce content.

Contact Web Design, Pembrokeshire

Working with a local, Pembrokeshire website development team is critical if you want the perfect design for your business. We’ve built relationships with a range of different small and medium-sized enterprises including brand new ecommerce setups.

We aim to ensure that your site has all the quality and functionality that it needs, adding the right plugins with a premium theme that matches your business aspirations and reflects your brand perfectly.

Want to find out more? Contact Nick Walsh Studios today.